The LifePrint BodyTalk Combination

Imagine for a moment having all the information about your client before they even walk through the door, their entire personality laid out before you from their habitual behavioral tendencies, their highest driving needs based on their psychological blueprint, how expression occurs through their physical and the higher consciousness, and where they are within life cycles and energy cycles.

Observing a client at this level of awareness, no matter what the underlying belief systems are, will have a profound impact on your client’s state of awareness and flow through life.

Understanding the deepest parts of your client’s psyche will help you easily identify psychological priorities, build greater trust with them, and allow you to facilitate them into their truest self.

LifePrint, when combined with BodyTalk, is one of the most efficient ways to support your clients into knowing, being comfortable with, and fully expressing themselves.

This is just a small taste of what will be at your fingertips when combining these two systems.

The combination of BodyTalk and LifePrint is already receiving praise from Advanced Practitioners both internationally and locally who have already incorporated this dynamic into their practices.

What Other BT’ers Had to Say.

Linda Hartman Parama BP,CBP, AdvCBP:
“Thank you Justin for the truly amazing and very impressive session! Everything was spot on….. like you were a fly on the wall of my life observing all of my little idiosyncrasies…and even helped to fill in some blanks, enabling me to see the full picture and potential. The session was profound for me, as I have been struggling with next steps in various life aspects, and to receive insight with respect to my individual archetype was very helpful.“ 


 Lindsay Maurice CBP, London, Ontario, Canada:So I had the amazing opportunity to spend the last two weekends learning LifePrint with Justin Damian Furness, a system that is so powerful. Helping people connect within, understanding themselves on a whole new level and with a compassionate lense.
This system blends beautifully with BodyTalk and in time I will be offering combo sessions. I am so excited to see the potential for others grow, as mine has been blown out of the water coming out of these seminars. 💓💓 so excited and grateful for this amazing experience.”

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Based on the published scientific research done by Nassim Haramein who was a guest speaker at the 2015 members conference, combined with many other pioneers in the field of epigenetics like Bruce Lipton and over 40 years of studying successful people and facilitating change like Tony Robbins, LifePrint empowers you with a formula to reveal your clients intimate behavior and their driving needs for fulfillment allowing you to meet them exactly where they are at so you may better understand their patterns of behaviour and facilitate change at a level that is fundamental to their unique Archetypal neurology and Energetic/Informational Blueprint/Torsion Dynamic.

When your client feels fully understood and you are able to communicate to them in a style that is suitable to their needs a strong sense of emotional rapport is developed and trust is established, this is a crucial element for growth of any system to occur, growth comes from the ability to be vulnerable. LifePrint imparts real practical tools that you may give clients as homework that will leave them feeling supported throughout their transformative process.

Welcome to the cutting edge, where unified physics meets integrative medicine and behavior based coaching to catapult you and your practice, allowing you to discover your innate potential and influence that of your clients, family, colleagues and friends.


Justin Damian Furness CBP
Evaluate – Enhance – Evolve

Behaviour & Integrative Medicine Expert 
High Performance Performance Facilitator and Trainer

Founder & Director Of Research @ The LifePrint System

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About Justin Damian Furness CBP

Effectus Factum (Don't be better; be Great!) Justin has spent over a decade searching out the very latest in cutting edge techniques and strategies, never satisfied with the norm; he has always studied with people on the fringe, thought leaders who were not yet accepted by conventional authorities and who were getting long lasting and often miraculous results. He has dedicated himself to unleashing Human Potential, studying and being mentored by Doctors, Thought Leaders and Trend Setters from around the World like Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, Tony Robbins to name a few. His specialties are vast and many and he has enjoyed working at the top level of Sports with Professional Athletes and with people from all over the World. In 2013 Justin launched LifePrint - Unleash your Potential, a scientific geometric formula for the calculation and quantisation of Potential related through Pro-Active and Re-Active sensory behaviour. He travels Internationally facilitating groups and sharing his formulas which are used at every level of human design, from individuals to relationships, families and business. Justin provides integrated lifestyle and business solutions and is fully equipped to meet all of your requirements, his diverse experience and education enables each client to receive a comprehensive and tailored healthcare and/or business solution

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      That’s great to hear, tell me about which areas you are looking for facilitation in and let’s see how we can move you forward.
      If you are open let’s have a call and come up with a strategy.

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