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Each day that passes has a Unique Resonance associated with it, that Resonance will never repeat itself again; when you are born you inherit this unique resonating frequency and it holds the key to your Personal Connectome(Connectomics); a unique Potential or set of behaviours which maps out your Active and Reactive psychological traits and catapults/catalyses  you on your path through life.

LifePrint is a fractal mathematical formula developed by Justin Damian Furness and is based on the work of Carl Jung, Douglas Forbes, Bruce Lipton and Nassim Haramein.  It can be used to decipher the unique personality and processing styles that were imprinted in you on the day of your birth and comprise your Unique Frequency or Connectome.

It is an exact science, used by individuals around the globe in order to better understand themselves and the people with whom they live and work.  The method has also been used by forensic detectives, psychologists, teachers, doctors and even accountants to gain insights and enhance their efficiency.

LifePrint is developed by Justin Damian Furness expanding on the work already done by Douglas Forbes – the use of the present tense here is deliberate as it is constantly evolving as Justin and his team make new observations, and discover more astonishing synchronizations within the scientific formula. By applying the principles of Sacred Geometry, physics, biogenetics, biomathematics, psychology and sociology to a persons date of birth, Justin has provided us with an analytical tool that can be used to guide a person through the journey of life, by imparting a greater understanding of the personality, how the individual interacts with others, and why they make the choices and decisions they do.  LifePrint takes us beyond both numerology and astrology, offering a more precise evaluation on several levels and through the natural cycles of life based on a Philosophy of Consciousness, Unification and a Holographic Universe.

LifePrint, while simple to use, has the potential to literally unlock the mystery of human behaviour. It has an important role to play within relationships, whether in the home or workplace, and amongst the young and old alike.

A personal analysis can be done either in physical consultation or via Skype or telephone.

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