Exclusive LifePrint Membership and Online Comprehensive Certification Program

An Evolution of Education and Certification
A Complete Transformational Package
for less than a $1 a day

Become a LifePrint Analyst and belong to a growing global community of emerging evolutionary experts specialising in Human Potential 

  • Bi-monthly exclusive educational training with Justin
  • Connected Community and Study Groups
  • Online Support and Questions
  • Watch our Live Events Online anywhere in the World
  • Come together Online in a Community Study Group
  • Hot-Seat Coaching and Demo's with Justin
  • Practitioner License and Certification of Completion
  • Easy Access to all your materials anytime, anywhere
  • Never leave your reference guides at home again
  • Relive the experience by watching the videos and slides
  • Enjoy education at your own pace
  • Come together Online in a Community Study Group
  • Justin's personal overview of the 3 Days to deepen your knowledge
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  • The Infinity of Time

    Once you purchase these resources they are yours to enjoy forever.  You will always have access and be able to review and immerse yourself back into the 3 days of content.

  • Video & Slides

    New stunning visual presentation, enjoy the slides and video of all 3 days and immerse yourself back into the course content.

  • Interactive Content

    Enjoy responsive pages where you take the journey at your own pace. Come back when you’re ready to move on.

  • Mobile Responsive Pages

    All videos and slides are mobile responsive so you can review on the go.  When doing your practice analysis you have quick reference guide handy.

  • Further Education and Membership

    Bi-monthly ongoing live and recorded trainings, fully interactive Q&A’s and Hot Seat Analysis and Coaching, Let’s Play Together – Let’s Transform Together
    I will be qualifying all members who are called to being a practitioner as our certification process will shift slightly next year.

  • Study Groups and Community

    Be connected to study groups in your area and online, I will also join in from time to time and see what’s happening with everyone and do a spontaneous live training on what you are discussing or turn it into a whole training.

  • Live Events Online

    Join our global community and be connected to our Events all over the World.  As a member you’ll be able to jump in at any time online to join any of our Live Events happening Internationally.

  • Limited Time Offer

    This offer is only valid for a limited time as any new events and certification programs will change growing forward.  The offer is only valid for graduates who have previously taken both the LifePrint Unleash Your Potential Level I and LifePrint Deep Diving Potential Level II Events, there are still more events taking place this year so jump in now!!!

Get Certification Membership Now!!!ONLY $197