Is This Your Time To Ascend To The Next Stage Of Evolution In Consciousness?
You can’t achieve your potentials if you don’t know what they are!

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This program takes you on a step by step journey, using Justin Damian Furness' powerful LifePrint formula and framework for teaching what Ken Wilber refers to as an Integral System and Stage 3 Consciousness Awakening. So leap into this training so you too can hack you flow and live a limitless life while helping others to do the same through becoming a Certified LifePrint Analyst Practitioner.

This framework is so powerful in delivering you access to your unique potential and wiring that you will quickly be able to harness your Pro-Active Flow states and produce extraordinary results.

The Ideas presented in this program got Justin to harness his natural flow-state of potential and meet physicist Nassim Haramein at the Bafta launch of the Connected Universe, Nassim's Unified Physics models have been the foundation for the groundbreaking work that LifePrint is now accelerating.

It’s a classic case of Flow-Hacking to live your dreams.

HOWEVER, many people believe that only certain people have a mystical power to shape the world according to their thoughts, to know the right decisions to make and to instantly feel what’s true for them, however this is not the case.  We all have this innately within ourselves and are all connected to this field of infinite potential.

Justin has been investigating the concept of the Human Potential, studying with the most extraordinary individuals and experimenting with many forms of consciousness expansion. He has spent over a decade searching out the very latest in cutting edge techniques and strategies, never satisfied with the norm; he has always studied with people on the fringe, thought leaders who were not yet accepted by conventional authorities and who were getting long lasting and often miraculous results.  He has dedicated himself to unleashing Human Potential, studying and being mentored by Doctors, Thought Leaders and Trend Setters from around the World like Dr. Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, Tony Robbins, Ken Wilber, Dr. Kerry D'Ambroggio and many more.  His specialties are vast and many and he has enjoyed working at the top level of Sports with Professional Athletes and with people from all over the World.


Introducing LifePrint: Mapping Your Blueprint of Potential The Ultimate System For Stepping Into And Getting The Most Out Of Your Unique Potential and the Ability to Engage others to Unleash Theirs.

Through this certification program, you finally have a road map for Discovering your Flow-states of Potential. Where you are completely abundant, life becomes effortless when your flow is activated and you have completely understood and embodied what your full potential is. You have balance in your life, in all dimensions of your being and are able to access the spiritual human potential within, fully tapped into advanced conscious abilities, such as intuition, creativity, compassion, the ability to shift reality with your mind, and feelings of oneness with the rest of life.

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A journey which will take you beyond the traditional psycho-analytical techniques, and transform your spiritual and physical presence by learning about the Human Torsion Field. Identify and stabilise your 12 Physical Sensory Inputs — including Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell, Touch, Identity, Instinct, Relationship, Universal Direction and your 5 Subtle Senses, create an environment where your soul will begin a new adventure.

This is a program where for the first time Justin Furness teaches you his secret formula to calculate any Blueprint of Potential which has been in the works for more than 7 years and has changed thousands of lives.

When you begin the LifePrint Analyst Certification, you’ll watch as your life and the lives of those you facilitate completely shifts into alignment and begins to effortlessly flow, transforming with the grace and dignity you both deserve.

The doors of your new life are opening, and it’s time to take action.

The ‘Secret Ingredient’ To Spiritual Growth with LifePrint

Imagine what life would be like...

If you didn’t have to go through the struggle of trying to ‘find’ your purpose?

If you weren’t constantly trying to live up to the social norms society has deemed okay?

If living your true purpose wasn’t a matter of trying, but rather a matter of acknowledging and accepting what your True Potential is?

The beautiful truth that Justin Furness has revealed to us is that it's easier to get to your destination with a map of how to get there.

We are all unique and fast evolving into the next stage of consciousness however we require Tolerance for our behaviour both the Pro-Active and Re-Active Flow-states only then may we learn to Respect ourselves and allow Love for ourselves to blossom from within; then and ONLY then will we be able to have the Grace to Honour and Love somebody else along their Journey knowing that they are unique and process completely independently from us yet are connected to the same Universal Source of infinite potential.

You are the individualized manifestation of that which is eternal and everywhere, a way for the Universe to learn about itself through your experiences.

And when you surrender to your True Potential, you will find the freedom to blossom into the divine expression of who you really are.

So the big question is,

What is your unique Potential and how can you Activate it to evolve into the next stage of your Evolution.

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Why Does This Training Deliver Such Incredible Results?

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Students See Amazing Results During
The LifePrint Mapping Your Potential Analyst Certification Program

1. Engineering Consciousness

Everything you’re about to learn is based upon Justin's revolutionary Consciousness Engineering framework of systems and models of living. Every one of us relies on systems and models, whether consciously or unconsciously.  In this program, we’re mapping your unique systems and models of your experience so you can have the clarity you've been looking for and facilitate others in finding theirs.

2. Powerful Practical Exercises

You’ll discover that this program is packed with not just in-depth lectures, but also practical tools and resources for you to use in the real world. They come from Justin's personal life experiences and from hundreds of other teachers, many of whom he interacts with on a daily basis.

3. Group Coaching and Hot Seat Analysis

What’s also included in this program are pre-recorded and Live group coaching sessions for each module where Justin leads a group of original members through an interactive session. Just listening to these will expand your understanding, kill all doubts, and widen the horizon of your possibilities.  Justin will also randomly select participant to do live LifePrint Analysis' So you can witness the magic happening in real-time

4. Relevant Resources And Global Connectivity

Throughout the course, Justin references other materials and knowledge from people leading the forefront of Consciousness expansion and development. If you can't make the Live event in a territory near you then each participant will also have the opportunity to join the Live Events from the comfort of your their own home through our online streaming portal.

5. Community Collective Studying

The journey through this experience is not taken alone, make new friends and join one of the online portals to connect with a study group and put into practice what you have learned to deepen your knowledge and ensure you are reaching the level of proficiency you desire. Ask questions and get feedback from Justin and feel connected as you grow.

Course Information

Here’s How the Course Is Structured:

What is LifePrint

Discover and Reveal how LifePrint was born, from the Research of the genius' whose models and systems are the foundational building blocks to understanding your Superhero Potential, like Nassim Haramein, Bruce Lipton, Douglas Forbes, Ken Wilber and many more.  We delve deeply into conversations around Consciousness and Energetic Principles.

The Fractal Holographic Universe Today and Throughout History

Extrapolating and decoding Nassim Haramein's Unified Field Models and Systems in a simple, easy and fun way that makes the hard science totally engaging as it has everyday life examples and practical applications.  Look back in History and discover Fractal Geometry through the ages and how our entire Human and Energetic model fits the same map and model.

Duality & Energetic Flow States

Immerse yourself into Energy Principles and discover the Duality to all flow-states, during this module we explore the contrasting patterns of Energy; from the Masculine and Feminine, Pro-Active and Re-Active flow states expressed through behaviour, Macro-cosmic and Micro-cosmic and the unified connection to everything.

Wounds and Conflict

Journey back to the very beginning of your creation to illuminate how you were programmed and the recipe for life, how beliefs systems are formed and the effect it has one your perception. Realise the biggest truth of them all, uncover the how and WHY conflict appears in our lives and the awareness of pure joy it may bring when it is comprehended and how to welcome it with open arms instead of being triggered into a fight/flight/freeze mode.

The Human Processing Capacity

Delve into your Human Processing Capacity of internal processing and external expression according to Jungian Psychology, unveil what your Physical Consciousness comprises of. How the 5 Elements found in Nature relate to our everyday conscious lives. You are walked through the entire Life-Cycle of the Human Journey and at what stage you are at within your life, maximising the energies available to you and how each daily energy is quantified according to the Human experience of life.

LifePrint's Secret Formula - Spheres of Consciousness and Windows of Perception

LifePrint's Secret Formula to mapping your Physical Consciousness' Potential and the 13 Sensory Sphere inputs and their corresponding definitions. Identify the 9 Personality Roles and uncover which you are playing out in your life and how to utilise their maximum potential. Be guided through an Active meditation to Activate and connect with the Unified Field and unleash the power within your Heart to experience pure potential and flow within your life.

Combinations of Senses

Just like a combination lock the student will be able to deepen their analysis of themselves and of those they facilitate by combining sensory inputs of 2 or more Senses, this peels back the next onion layer of potential available to you and your client and demonstrates the ultimate patterns to flow-hacking your Energy and that of your clients.

Solo and Absent Elements

Dive ever deeper and discover the Unique traits and gifts of Solo and Absent Elements within a LifePrint, What happens when the Energy Field is completely Motivational Energy, Emotional Energy, Intellectual Energy, Practical Energy or Transformational Energy.  This is probably one of the most vibrant and fun modules.

Archetypal Membranes

Every LifePrint is Surrounded by an Energy Boundary or Membrane called an Archetype, this sets the general tone of how the LifePrint Potential contained within will express, project, process and gather information. The module leads the student on a journey to unveil how the brain is neurologically wired for each LifePrint.

Life-Cycle Energies

Every LifePrint has a Unique Energetic Signature and therefore has a relationship with each Year, Month and Day.  The student will have the potential to map these cycles and impart vital knowledge to their client and themselves on how to utilise the best energies for each Year, Month and Day cycles.

Synergies for Business and Relationships

Everything in life is Synergistic, nobody is alone and interactions with people within friendship, intimate relationships and business are a fundamental part of life, in this module Justin imparts the formula to calculate any synergy for family, relationships and business teams, this is a large module and it is important to understand the gravity of leverage it has in all aspects of life and businesses.

The Higher-Self Consciousness

If you have a physical consciousness and live in a world of Duality then what is the Dualistic nature of your Physical Consciousness, what is it's purpose, function and state.  Justin Introduces the Higher-Self Consciousness and completes the LifePrint Formula taking you into a deep meditative state to strengthen and solidify your connection to the Unified Field and your Higher-Self Consciousness.

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