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Justin thank you for this amazing, inspiring, incredibly breath taking experience! One which I am still learning about to this day... I am so grateful.

Bianca Cassingena
Bianca Cassingena Psychologist

"People are always talking about Peak experiences and its much easier to describe a physical peak experience, we go bungy-jumping, give birth etc but how does one explain a Peak spiritual experience yet this is what I got to experience with Justin"

Nadine Rosin
Nadine Rosin

Thank you to Justin Damian Furness for your trust, mentorship and the knowledge that you have shared. May there be many more amazing practitioners & people who can experience the quantum changes that come from this system through the teachings & sessions that allow potential to shine through.

Tracy Lester
Tracy Lester Healthcare Practitioner
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Justin has received acclaim from many respected Practitioners in his field and he is excited to meet, connect and share with you.


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