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Sometimes honing in on the right belief in the right context is like finding a needle in a haystack. How many times does the same Active Memory keep coming up for someone?

Humans are complex.

We all have a unique energetic blueprint, an energetic signature if you will, or what I like to call a LifePrint – it was imprinted upon you the moment you were born.

In BodyTalk we often speak of a Birth Vivaxis, the Resonance to the location you were born.  What happens when we take this concept one step further? If epigenetic’s has taught us anything it’s the environment that encodes our genes, what if this was also true on the day of our birth?, what if the informational field that was present on your day of birth was also inherited as a baseline of energetic potential.

This blueprint is as individual to you as your fingerprint and is the map to your nature, composition, and your most intimate behavioural patterns.
It is a guide to how you receive information from Universal Consciousness and the Higher aspects of Self.

Just like a map of the body helps you identify the priority BODY part, a map of one’s energetic blueprint will help you clearly and quickly discern intimate behavioral tendencies, common reactive states, and some of the deepest parts of one’s personality.

We receive and express information in a variety of ways – with our senses being key to how we take in and interact with the world around us. The ‘Senses’ of our energetic blueprint is essentially how our energy interacts within certain environments. So for example, the Sense of Sight within your blueprint governs the perception of your external reality and how you interact with it. It is the energy/personality you express “most” of the time and is the energy that others will “see” first. Whereas the Sense of Smell is the consciousness that interacts when you are processing or dealing with any kind of change in your life,  and how you are engaging with your environment.

So while someone may be functioning quite well with their energetic Sense of Sight, they may have intense emotions and flaring active memories when the energetic Sense of Smell is in play. Signaling a reactive behavioral pattern any time there is change in their life. This could explain why the same belief system keeps popping up, in one session you may be balancing the active memory in relation to their energetic sense of sight while in another session you are balancing the same active memory but in relation to the sense of smell (or any of the other 27 expressions contained within the energetic blueprint).

Imagine having a map to your clients energetic blueprint and the deepest parts of their personality.

LifePrint 1 offers you this possibility and can be easily combine with BodyTalk to facilitate at the energetic blueprint level.

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